Wirral Sprints Programme

Do you feel the need, the need for speed?

Welcome to the Wirral AC Sprints Programme where if you like running FAST, and want to learn how to run even FASTER, then we have a home for you. Our programme, which supports athletes from Under 13 age group and upwards, builds on the fundamentals of sprinting and sprint hurdling, where we coach all sprint distances from 60m to 400m.

As a coaching team, we have a (pardon the pun!!) ‘track record’ of developing athletes to compete at all levels from local Open Meetings and County Championships to Northern Championships and English Schools.

But most importantly, it really does not matter how FAST you are, because athletics like any sport is about enjoying yourself and making lifelong friendships.  Our main aim is that you develop in an environment that is Fun, Active, Social and Team-orientated.

Wirral Athletic Club

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